thinking about a brand new year…

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the old year is winding down – today was Rufus’s birthday – seven years ago yesterday the breeder sent me a photo of his very pregnant mother in an email that said, “any moment now!”

It’s been an amazing year and I need to take some time and think about all the people that I’ve met, the conversations that I’ve had, the workshops that we’ve presented and attended and been part of, the various partnerships, and all the ideas that keep flowing around and through our work and lives.   At the end of the year, out of the blue, one of the authors I most admire wrote to me about an essay that I’ve considered removing, with a deeper reading than I’d expected anyone to attend to.   And so kind of him to share his thoughts and greet me as someone he’d like to work more with.

This has been the constant experience of this outreach that began with the idea that we’d say “yes” to the next thing that came along…  and I was thinking today of the lack of machinations in that “yes” and that it’s a place to return to: “yes.”

I do think anything is possible – I do wish I’d realized this much earlier.   But so it goes.  The time is perfect, because it must be.

I’m excited about a few things – a trip to London (David Hockney’s BIG PICTURES!) and then Ireland in the early spring; a course in graphic facilitation with Avril Orloff; setting up a new painting studio; a course in teaching distance education, the first in the second half of my Master’s degree; the way the new anthology is shaping up; continuing on with the Course in Miracles; finding a new Tai Chi teacher; Zev turning 13; the house renovations. . . and gardening way, way, way more.   As just a bit of a taste of aspirations for the New Year.

Norman Kunc sent me this great video, which I love, because it expresses so well this idea that there are countless imaginative ways to accomplish our dreams.

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