“draw on”: Brandy Agerbeck dresses up her book!

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  So probably everyone is tired of hearing about me going to Chicago to study with Brandy Agerbeck for three days at the end of July but, y’know, you could make your own blog and talk about that 🙂

Here in my blog-world I got this very cool little parcel which when I opened it up to find a signed copy of Brandy’s book wrapped with a black ribbon made into a bow-tie, complete with excellent little buttons (y’all know I love buttons!).   And I LOVE great marketing – hmmm… there must be another word for this – I LOVE great “being-present-in-the-world” – the seizing of something to make it even more special, to make a connection.   And, really, when’s the last time you got a parcel with a (really good) book inside, wonderfully autographed, and wearing a bow-tie.   I bet the answer is never 🙂  The slideshow is of the “event” of opening the box (and a picture of my son, also wearing a tie, because um… well yeah this is my blog!).   And here’s a charming video of Brandy talking about the lab (so charming it makes me want to make a video too, though I wouldn’t be quite so charming probably):

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