101 Ways to Make Friends

Inclusive Research Project – Community Mapping

Friday, March 8, 2013, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

Lunch and Snacks included

Reception to share results: 4:30 to 6:30 pm

Prestige Inn, Vernon, BC




What would happen if we asked a room full of Self-Advocates:

Where do you feel welcome?

Where do you contribute?

Who would miss you?

What gifts do you share?

Share your stories and ideas about your community, be part of the big picture.

A great day to share with others and meet new people

Hosts: Ted Dekker with Shelley Nessman

Graphic Facilitation by Aaron Johannes


No Charge but RSVP required by March 5, 2013

Please indicate if you have any special dietary considerations

RSVP Contact 250 546 3005 or Ted_Dekker@kindale.net

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The Hosts/Facilitators

  Ted Dekker



Ted is a dedicated self-advocate who is currently Chair Person of the Community Connections Self-Advocate’s…

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Published by Aaron

Director of Research, Training and Development, Spectrum Society for Community Living. As well as being responsible for in-house training and research on best practices in the field of helping people with disabilities organize their supports, I support self advocacy groups, contract to provide training and workshops to other agencies and groups and facilitate inclusive research groups. I am the author/illustrator of three books, co-editor of a new anthology for 2012, and co-editor of Spectrum Press. My passion is creating networks of best practice leaders in our field to share person-centred alternatives in how people with disabilities can be facilitated to live lives where their gifts are necessary components in their communities. I am currently half way through a Masters degree in Interdisciplinary studies, focusing on Equity and Adult Education, and particularly on how people with intellectual disabilities may be supported in participatory leadership groups.

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