River of Life

Shelley Nessman and I co-facilitated a great debriefing and planning session, first with the BCACL (now Inclusion BC) Self Advocate Caucus and then in a meeting with them and Executive Directors from all around the province – a couple of amazing days.   The first graphic is from the day with the caucus, and the second is from their meeting with the EDs.   A lot of people talked about what a great experience it was – and it was good for us too!   Many graphic recorders / facilitators don’t “facilitate” while they draw, but given my experience developing curriculum I can do both if I plan it right 🙂 and particularly with great facilitation partners, including Michael Mclellan – who did a great job of explaining the process.   The “River of Life” is a process that I learned about a few years ago and really like – I think it comes from a group in New Mexico who originally were looking at staff roles in mental health services, and it was in a similar situation that I first used it.   It’s hard to find people to co-facilitate it (usually I work with PATH co-facilitators).  I really liked how it turned out.

river of life 2 whats the boat we make and ride together 2

after a guided meditation about river / water imagery we made a key – and what people “saw” in their meditation became symbolic of what they wanted to record as part of their histories, present and futures…     ripples in the water, for example, became “working in the community.”  One of my favourite parts was the idea of dolphins – that they could represent things that were magical and unexpected and transformational in our lives.   And that “the people at work who help me” were like dolphins appearing out of the blue.  Nice.   We did a couple of skits as well, to show the EDs some of the things that we’d talked about the day before, as way of focusing on experiential learning


river of lifeKey river of lifeFuture

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