Blueprint CV experiment :)

So the Vancouver local gathering of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners got together for our first peer learning group, led by Yolanda Liman and concerned with working live on the Ipad at events.  Yolanda is a master (mistress?) of this and she taught us an amazing amount in just a couple of hours, and I’ve been experimenting.   One of the graphics that I’ve always loved is Christina Merkley’s “Visual Bio”  and a couple of other people have done similar things I admire.   So I’ve been wanting to play with something like this, and have been experimenting – part of it is that I’ve been doing a great coaching course with Christina and I am remembering a lot of how I got here 🙂 (and why, and getting clearer about what next).   Here’s a few of the Ipad experiments on this theme.

This is the most finished version, but I don't know that it's "finished" yet
This is the most finished version, but I don’t know that it’s “finished” yet








I couldn’t figure out quite enough room on this draft, but I liked a lot about it:













and the blackboard version (this virtual version worked out so much better than the blackboard paint we tried to use on our walls!):














and this is one of the exercises for Christina’s coaching group – you don’t need to draw to do this – I was just seizing an opportunity to spend some time drawing on a rainy afternoon.  Thinking through all these different processes got me started on thinking about what a revised (and re-energised) Curriculum Vitae might look like.   This was so much fun 🙂  It reminded me of how much I like drawing…  even without 100 people watching me 🙂


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