chicks chicks chicks

Joseph Cornell's Tamara Toumanova Fantasy

ok…  so this actually has nothing to do with chicks chicks chicks…  which i kind of like, because i’m a little tired of people wanting me to make sense.   i am tired of wanting to make sense.   it must have been awfully hard for Foucault when people kept telling him they didn’t understand what he was talking about, and he didn’t make sense.   i wonder if he really meant it when he said it wasn’t his job, or if his feelings were hurt.

And Joseph Cornell…  hmmm…  a theme here, that some of my favourite creative people didn’t make sense, didn’t worry about making sense.   and not even thinking about Rothko, Rauschenberg or Mark Tobey.

making sense / not making sense…

answering questions / posing unanswerable questions…

but in this case, i was just trying to switch from one blog theme to another but wanted to keep my picture of the easter chicks, and so had to upload it somewhere but then when i went to find it, i couldn’t – so i uploaded joseph cornell.   and then decided i liked my old theme.   so y’see…  none of it really makes sense 🙂

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