what did you *ship* last year?

I liked this blog posting by Seth Godin, who I think is a total genius in so many ways – not least in that he fearlessly tosses out a million ideas and the few hundred that catch on are so worth it.   there’s a big time lesson in that.   So I sent this out to some friends, one of whom has replied – she’s done so much in the last year and yet she limited herself to seven things, which I also think is so brilliant.    I need to do that – have been thinking that I need to do something like predict how big something will be and then divide it in half and focus on those points.

  1. wrote six articles and uploaded them to 101friends publications page, did the project for CLBC
  2. supported BCPF to have a conference/AGM/film premiere
  3. talked to about 20 different groups of people (about 2000 people) about natural supports for folks with disabilities
  4. finished year one of grad school and did well and had fun
  5. connected with many leaders as a peer and colleague and made/deepened some great friendships
  6. went camping in oregon
  7. started a new role and figured out how to finance it within Spectrum
  8. did a number of drawings and learned some new ways to make art


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