the vulnerabilities booklet… sssshhhh…

So I’m not quite sure if I should be sharing any of these drawings yet but here’s a taster of a drawing I like, which might make it into the booklet, which Susan Stanfield, Shelley Nessman, Jim Reynolds and I are facilitating the groups of self advocates to give input into.

This is for the third in a series of booklets for C.L.B.C., which has this great idea of incorporating ideas and feedback from self advocates to create materials they can use.   (We had nothing to do with the first one, which was just turned into a lovely little film with Gladys Duran doing an excellent job of the voice over.).   This concept came out of our second meeting with our focus group.
The draft drawings, plain language translation and concepts are pretty much done; the next step will be to put together a draft and sit down with Jule Hopkins to talk about how it matches up (or doesn’t) with her vision of things.   Jule has been amazing about incorporating feedback from the self advocate groups into these publications.   She just makes it all work.   We’re so lucky to work with her 🙂

One of the things that Jule does is press me to create images that don’t need words and convey the meaning of the group and the idea they are talking about.   I love how clear she is about this idea, and have learned a lot from working with her.   And the resulting payoff has been having people who have no or very low literacy come up and tell us how much it means to them to have a booklet they can understand.

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